5 Things to consider before redesigning your website

How to redesign your website

1) Regular update of your website content Up-to-date information is what people first look for in your website. So, update your website content on regular basis providing fresh and unique information to your readers. When you add fresh content to your website, make sure it is easy to understand and clear to your target base.

2) Short and Crisp Contact form A contact form or inquiry form is a must for any website. Customers contact you via contact form if they need further information about your product, to request a quote or if they want to say few nice words about your product/service. When creating a contact form, don’t make it too long. Just focus on what exactly you need. Research shows that people does not show interest in filling long forms. The shorter the form the more responses you will get.

Webdesign tips

3) Fresh new images Replace the older images and videos with new ones at regular intervals. This will give a new look and feel to your website. Also people like to come back to your website if they see different content every time they visit.

4) Add caption to your photos Always add a short description to your photos or images explaining about it. This will help your visitors to understand the photos/images.

5) Make your website responsive With the rapid increase in iPhone and smartphone usage, more people are visiting websites in smaller devices than PC. So, design your website in such a way that it can realign itself to any device like smartphone, tablet, PC etc. Now a days many websites are responsive already.