4 SEO algorithm Updates

Google changes its search algorithm around 500 times in a year. Most of these changes will be minor that the change we can visually see will be very negligible. Sometimes Google rolls out a “major” algorithmic update that affects search results in significant ways. Recently there are multiple algorithm roll outs starting this January and Google no longer announces about the updates. So it is hard to tell what is going on with your website ranks.

But we can surely say that what used to work in SEO before will no longer work and what we think is not important for seo, actually works now. Some of the important points to consider as the new algorithm change:

seo tips

1.Dmoz.org the most popular online directory is no longer available as of March 17 2017. This is because of a sharp drop in its traffic and rankings over a period of years. This shows SEO is not just about listing your site in top directories. It is links and pages and more complex than just directory listing. Search engines improved in their algorithm for rankings and slowly web directories started loosing their significance in SERP.

2. Social Media like Twitter and Facebook have started making their presence felt in SERP. So making your website popular among social media users is more important.

3. Blogs have started playing a major role in SEO. Good Content helps in SERP. Adding more blog posts can give your website better visibility.

4. The popularity of the exact match domains is also on the decline. The new algorithm does not value exact domains like before.

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