Firefox 85.0 protects against supercookies

The new Firefox 85 comes with strong privacy protection by isolating supercookies and other new features

Mozilla┬áthis week released Firefox 85 which emphasis on privacy. The latest version offers new defense against Supercookies. Supercookies is a tracker that stays hidden in the browser and keeps tracking the user movements even after the user clears the cookies. Firefox 85 comes with fundamental change in the browser’s network architecture that makes browsing safer. Network connections and caches by the website being visited are also partitioned in the new version.

New features and improvements

Firefox now remembers the preferred location for saved bookmarks and suggests that location when the user wants to save another bookmark. It is also displayed on the bookmarks toolbar by default on new tabs, and gives easy access to all of the bookmarks via a toolbar folder. The latest version also allows users to delete all the saved login credentials with one click, instead of removing each login individually. As expected, the new version will not support Adobe Flash. There is no option to re-enable Flash support. The new version supports importing passwords from the password managers KeePass and Bitwarden. You can also disable the Tab-to-Search feature of firefox. It also now supports non-contiguous page ranges while printing.

The next version of Mozilla’s browser, Firefox 86 is expected to be released on Feb 23.