Amazon to announce the general availability of HealthLake cloud repository

Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced the general availability of Amazon HealthLake, a service that transforms unstructured health data into meaningful medical information.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced the general availability of Amazon HealthLake. This HIPAA-eligible service was developed for helping healthcare, and life sciences organizations ingest, store, query, and analyze their health data at scale.

Transformation of unstructured health data

Amazon HealthLake understands and extracts meaningful medical information from unstructured data and then organizes, indexes, and stores that information in chronological order by using machine learning. The company started HealthLake in December 2020. Now, it is available today in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), and US West (Oregon), with additional region availability coming soon.

Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Amazon Machine Learning for AWS, said,

“More and more of our customers in the healthcare and life sciences space are looking to organize and make sense of their reams of data but are finding this process challenging and cumbersome. We built Amazon HealthLake to remove this heavy lifting for healthcare organizations so they can transform health data in the cloud in minutes and begin analyzing that information securely at scale. Alongside AWS for Health, we’re excited about how Amazon HealthLake can help medical providers, health insurers, and pharmaceutical companies provide patients and populations with data-driven, personalized, and predictive care.”

As part of AWS for Health, Amazon HealthLake enables customers to examine trends like disease progression at the individual or population health level over time, spot opportunities for early intervention, and deliver personalized medicine.

Organizations can apply advanced analytics and customized machine learning models to their information. With Amazon HealthLake, organizations can move their FHIR-formatted health data from on-premises systems to a secure data lake in the cloud. It also stores data in the FHIR format to facilitate the exchange of information.

By using Amazon QuickSight, customers can apply analytics to understand patient and population-level trends. In addition, build robust machine learning models with Amazon SageMaker can help clinicians predict disease progression.

Amazon HealthLake’s capabilities are also now available to customers under AWS for Health. For instance, customers can create holistic Electronic Health Records to help clinicians make data-driven care plans, accelerate research and discovery to bring new therapies to market faster.