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How Search Engines Rank your website ?

Each search engine follows different algorithm and guidelines for indexing and ranking a website. That is the reason why the search results varies from search engine to search engine for the same keyphrase and location. These search engines never reveal what formulae they follow for ranking and they update their algorithm very often to improve the user experience. Search engines rank websites based on various factors that includes Page title, Meta tags, Keyword relevancy, Page Content, domain authority, page authority, internal links structure, back links, domain age, website loading spead, validity of html code, social presence, popularity of the website, traffic rank etc. Your website is given a score for each such factor and negative scores are given if there is any severe violation of guidelines. For example, a website with outdate html like nested tables, stylesheets etc will get a low score. The website with high score is ranked first.

The formulae or algorithm followed by these search engines remain a secret. Google and Yahoo consider website loading time as a main factor in ranking websites. The fact is that the visitor stays for a long time and navigate a fast loading website when compared to a slow loading website. Google and Yahoo had separately specified the guidelines for the speed test and list of factors considered for speed test. Any website should score above 85% in Google's PageSpeed and Yahoo's YSlow speed tests. To improve your website loading speed, on-page speed optimization must be done on your website. Google algorithm and SEO Factors

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