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On-page Optimization Tasks to improve your Search Engine Rank

Website speed optimization

Cyber Web Service is one of the best concern for SEO on-page optimization. Our SEO professionals can optimize your website speed effectively for low cost. There are plenty of factors which are consider by search engines for indexing and ranking a website. Some factors are with in your website and code structure. Others are external factors such as backlinks, social sharing, reviews etc. The external factors are highly inpredictable. Some may favour your website's rank and some may not. Whereas when it comes to changes in the webpages, it is in your control. You can modify your website pages and optimize for the search engines thus passing the optimization and website loading speed tests while indexing and ranking.

When it comes to On-page optimization, again there are plenty of tasks. The optimization process should be done on all file types html, css, js, images, videos etc. Having more than one js, css file will slow down your website. All css and js files should be combined into one js and one css file. After combining, these files should be minified. Minify the files means making the file smaller. Minification can be done for html, css and js files. There are many similar tasks.

onpage website speed optimization service

Another important factor which makes your website slow is your images. Images should be optimized, optimizing images is nothing but reducing their file size. Many think that image optimization means reducing the dimensions(width and height) of the image. It is not so. Image optimization means compressing the images to make the file size smaller. Even if you use a very small image in your website, it should be looselessly compressed for increasing the speed of your website.

Avoid a character set in the meta tag

Avoid bad requests

Avoid CSS @import

Avoid deprecated html like Marquee, Center etc

Avoid CSS Expressions

Avoid inline CSS

Combine external CSS

Combine external Javascript

Defer Images

Defer loading of Javascript

Do not using Flash for entire website

Enable Gzip Compression

Enable Keep Alive

Eliminate render blocking javascript

Inline small css and javascript

Leverage Browser Caching

Minify CSS and JavaScript

Minify Html

Minimize redirects

Minimize DNS Lookups

Optimize Images

Prefer Asynchronous resources

Prevent landing page redirects

Remove query strings from static resources

Remove unused CSS

Serve scaled images

Serve static content from cookieless domain

Specify a cache validator

Specify a character set early

Specify a vary

Specify image dimensions

Apart from the seo reasons, increasing the speed of your website is a must for an enhanced user experience. Your website should be optmized in such a way that the users who visit your website must on your website for long time navigating more pages of your website. If your website loads slow, the visitor will quit the website immediately and never visit your website again. Increasing the website speed should be your top priority for two reasons, one for retaining your visitor and another for your seo ranking as Google and Yahoo considers website loading speed as a main criteria for ranking websites.

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