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We have plans that are suitable for personal websites, small business websites to large corporate websites. We have different plans for each requirement. All your websites will be hosted in our fast servers. You will be given the control panel (cPanel / WebsitePanel) to manage your website. You can create/change the emails by yourself at any time using our hosting control panels. Kindly go through our various hosting plans in detail.

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How we differ from others?

We the reliable web hosting india provide quality hosting at the most affordable cheap prices. We are one of the leading Web Hosting Company in Coimbatore, India. Our main vision is to make everybody own a website. Our plans are quite affordable and perfect for all. Many small companies in India, who can never think of owning a website, hosted their websites with us because of our lower price. We are the cheapest hosting company in terms of price. We give high speed server space for lower price. Our servers are fast, reliable and highly secure with 99.99% uptime. Once you purchase a plan, your hosting account will be activated within an hour, we will intimate you by email and you can straight away start using it.

Fast and Secure Web Hosting

Fast and Secured Server

Cyber Web Service's servers are best in technology and setup. We choose the best and latest hardwares with all essential solutions to give highly-efficient servers to our customers. Each account is protected from virus. All our servers are upgraded whenever there is a new hardware or software version is released. The operating system, applications, security patches, virus protection all are upto date.

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Regular Upgrades

We regularly upgrade our existing servers with latest hardwares for giving the best experience and speed to our loyal customers. When a new and fastest server is ready, we transfer all our existing hosting accounts to the newly set up server without making any difference to the customers during the migration process. No one can make the migrations faster, accurate and seemless like us with 0% downtime.

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Up-to-date Software

Many hosting providers do not update their softwares as often as we do. Even when a new version of operating system or other server softwares are released, other providers do not update their servers with the latest versions. Whereas, we make sure that our servers are always running the latest verions of Apache, Windows, cPanel, php, .Net Framework, MSSQL, MySQL, phpmyadmin etc. When ever a new version of anti-virus software is released, we install it in our servers as soon as possible, thus keeping our customers safe from any security vulnerabilities.

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99.99% Uptime

The care we take in choosing the best hardwares and softwares results in the amazing uptime of 99.99% ! Our servers are constantly monitored and proper measures are immediately taken to fix any performance issues in the server.

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Windows 1GB hosting Rs.3499 per year

Windows 1GB hosting Rs.3499 per year
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