SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates

What is an SSL Certificate ?

SSL certificate is a digitally signed certificate for a website to transfer encrypted data. It ensures secure communication between the website and the user's browser.

SSL Certificate is issued by Certificate Authority (CA) and it contains infomation like Name of the owner, Name of the issuer, Certificate holder's Public Key and Certificate expiry date.

Who needs SSL Certificate ?

Not all the websites require SSL certificate. Websites which collects sensitive data from the visitors, like Credit Card or Debit Card or any other sensitive data must have an SSL certificate for their website.

How can I identify SSL website?

You can easily identify whether a website uses SSL or not from its website address. Normally, non-ssl websites starts with "http://" whereas, the websites with SSL certificate start with "https://". You can view the certificate details, if you click on the green color 'Lock' icon in the address bar of your browser. Please look at our website url in the address bar.

Buy your SSL Certificate

We are selling the following SSL certificates:-
Comodo SSL, Positive SSL and Positive SSL Wildcard.

Comodo and Positive SSL are for a single domain and is normally suited for small business websites. Positive Wildcard is for a website's primary domain name and all its sub-domains. This Wildcard certificate is useful for large e-commerce websites.

Comodo digital SSL certificate
Positive digital SSL certificate
Positive digital SSL certificate Wildcard

*Installation and Setup charges will be extra.

Advantages of an SSL Certificate

  • Assured maximum security to your website data with 128 or 256 bit data encryption.
  • Increase in your online sales by increasing the confidence level of your customers when they see the 'Green Lock' icon.
  • Better SEO rankings. Google search engine gives higher ranking to websites which are secured with SSL certificates.