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Reasons why SEO is better than Advertising

Online business does not end with launching a website for your business. Imagine that you own an excellent, flashy graphic designed website, thinking an elegant website will get you more visitors and money. It is not true. Your website will never get any visitors unless your website is shown in the top pages of search engine results. People should know that your website exists. For that your website should appear in search results of the search engines. To bring your website in the top search results, your website must undergo a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

People who does not know about SEO will suggest you to do online marketing and advertising. Adwords or PPC are often mistaken as an alternative for seo. It is true that when you spent for adwords, your website will be shown in the advertisement area of google search engine. But, Is it worth spending money for advertisement than doing seo for your website? The answer is NO. There are lot of reasons why SEO is better than advertising.

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Adwords are Expensive

Assume that you created an adword account for Rs.1000 and your advertisement is displayed in the search results. If a visitor clicks on your advertisement, your money gets reduced from your adword account irrespective of whether the visitor purchased any product from you or not. So you end up spending money simply even for the people who did not buy your product. In this case, you are paying money for getting only visitors/traffic from the advertisements and this vistor traffic is not going to be permanant. Once you stop advertising, the traffic gets considerably reduced. Whereas in SEO, once you reach a rank, you keep getting the regular traffic even after you discontinue the seo process.

SEO is for all Search Engines

Google is the most popular search engine. There are other popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Ask that are popular in other countries. Adwords and PPC will appear only in Google Search engine, so it targets only the google users. But, When you do SEO, you are optimizing your website for all search engines, so your website will perfom well in all major search engines thus improving your website traffic and this traffic keeps coming regularly increasing your website's value.

People prefer organic results

The traffic your website receive from advertisement is normally less when compared the traffic gained from organic search results. People who search for a product or service online, mostly click the organic search results than the adwords. The searchers believe that the organic search results contain genuine websites related to their search phrase. It is only 10% of the searchers who click on the advertisements they see in the search results page.

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