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Responsive/Fluid Website Design

What is a responsive website?

A Responsive Website Design is a web design which looks good in any device like computer, laptop, iphone, ipad, tablet etc. Tablets and Mobile phones are already more than the computer users, and there is a steady increase in Internet traffic originating from these devices. In two years, we can expect the majority of internet traffic coming only from mobile/tablet devices.

Low cost android mobile phones and tablets are already selling very fast and soon replace the computers and laptops. Many people who cannot afford a computer or laptop can afford these mobiles/tablets easily and use the mobile browser to see the websites. In order to meet the needs of the visitors, designing a website that works on all devices, regardless of screen size is a necessity. We can achieve this by developing a responsive website design.

Responsive Web Design India

A non-responsive website will be displayed as a shrinked version of your website in smaller devices. The content or writing in your website will be displayed in a very tiny font which cannot be read without zooming it. When you zoom the page, you cannot read the page without scrolling horizontally making it very difficult for the small device users. If your website is not easy to navigate, then the visitor leaves your website and goes to your competitors website. Even if your website might got more relevant content for the visitor, because of this navigation difficulty, the visitor stops seeing your other pages and jump to another website which is easy to navigate in his smaller device.
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In responsive website designing, the website designer write the layout and css in such a way that the website adjusts itself based on the width of the device and takes the shape of the device just like how a liquid when filled in a bottle takes the shape of the bottle. A responsive website will be displayed differently in computer and mobile device. The items which were displayed in the same row horizontally, in the computer screen will be displayed one by one vertically to fit the screen size. A responsive design will not make your website appear as a mini version of the original and users need not scroll horizontally to see the entire content.

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There are some cases where it is difficult to convert your entire website to responsive, in that case, as a business owner you should think about keeping a website separately for mobile devices and redirect the mobile or small device users to the mobile version of your website. This way you can keep different layouts for desktop user and mobile/tablet users.

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Windows 1GB hosting Rs.3499 per year