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Organic Search Results

Your Website is well designed by a Web Design company or a freelancer with a pleasing layout which is a treat for visitor's eyes. But owning a good looking website is of no use when it comes to seo. When somebody searches for a product or service your website is about, in any search engine, your website should be listed in the organic search results for that search term. If it does not, then no one gets to know about your website at all.

'Organic Search Results' is the term which is used to define the list of websites displayed in the search results page other than the paid search results. Most of the search engines display two types of search results for the searchers, Organic or Natural lists and Paid lists. Normally, paid results are shown on the top or at the sidebars of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

The paid results are also called as Adwords or PPC (Pay Per Click). The owners of these paid results create a paid adwords account with the search engine. The organic search results are natural search results, displayed based on the relevancy of the search query or search term. Why organic results are better than advertisements?

Organic Search Results

When both paid and organic search results displayed for the searchers, the searchers prefer clicking on the organic search results than the paid ads displayed in the search results. Users feel that organic results are more accurate and relevant to their search term than the paid results.

Research shows that users avoid clicking on the advertisements displayed in the search results and some users install browser add-ons and plugins in their browser to prevent displaying advertisements in the search results.   

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