AWS introduces new EC2 instances powered by AWS-designed chips

AWS announced three new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances powered by AWS-designed chips at AWS re:Invent event.

Cloud giant, Amazon Web Services introduced three new Amazon EC2 instances powered by AWS-designed chips. The new instances aim to help Amazon Web Services customers to improve the performance, cost, and energy efficiency of their workloads.

C7g, Trn1, and Im4gn/Is4gen/I4i

AWS’ new C7g instances are powered by next-generation AWS Graviton3 processors. C7g instances provide up to 25% better performance for compute-intensive workloads compared to C6g instances, powered by Graviton 2 processors. The new processor is also capable of delivering up to double the higher floating-point performance and up to 3x better performance for machine learning compared to the previous generation.

One of the new instances, Trn1 is powered by AWS2 Trainium chips. It focuses on offering the best price-performance and the fastest machine learning model training in Amazon EC2. Trn1 is capable of providing up to 40% lower cost to train deep learning models compared to P4d instances. It also offers 800 Gbps EFA networking bandwidth and Amazon FSx for Lustre high-performance storage integration.

Im4gn/Is4gen/I4i instances are designed to offer high storage performance of I/O-intensive workloads. The new instance offers up to 30 TB of NVMe storage with AWS Nitro SSDs, designed by AWS. It delivers up to 60% lower I/O latency and 75% lower latency variability compared to the previous generation. David Brown, Vice President of Amazon EC2 at AWS said,

« With our investments in AWS-designed chips, customers have realized huge price performance benefits for some of today’s most business-critical workloads. These customers have asked us to continue pushing the envelope with each new EC2 instance generation. AWS’s continued innovation means customers are now getting brand new, game changing instances to run their most important workloads with significantly better price performance than anywhere else.”