AWS unveils Amazon Linux 2022

Amazon introduced the public preview of Amazon Linux 2022, a Fedora-based general-purpose Linux for AWS.

Amazon announced the public preview of Amazon Linus 2022, which is designed as a secure, stable, and high-performance execution environment allowing users to develop and run their cloud applications. Amazon Linux 2022 is based on Red Hat’s community Linux, Fedora. In the announcement, Amazon stated that they have chosen Fedora to provide its customers with a variety of latest software.

5 year support

AWS announced that a new major version will be available every two years and versions will be supported for five years. Amazon will provide quarterly updates with minor releases, enabling users to benefit from the latest software. Amazon Linux 2022 will also allow users to lock to a version of the Amazon Linux package repository they prefer.

Amazon Linux 2022 combines the benefits of Amazon’s current Linux products with a two-year release cycle, thus users will be able to plan operating system upgrades for their product lifecycle. With the five-year support, customers can manage long project lifecycles.

AL2022 has SELinux enabled and enforced by default to help users with their security posture, reduce their operational overhead, and comply with the common industry standards. Amazon Linux 2022 can be launched from AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface, AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell, RunInstances, or via an AWS CloudFormation template.