cPanel announced TSR-2021-0006 update

The cPanel team announced the release of TSR-2021-0006 updates which patch various vulnerabilities.

The cPanel team announced the general availability of the TSR-2021-0006 update. The new update is rated as having a CVSSv3.1 score of 1.8 to 5.3. The update provides changes to address security concerns. This release addresses two vulnerabilities in cPanel & WHM software versions 94, 98, and 100.

CVSSv3.1 score of 1.8 to 5.3

The update is currently available via the standard update system. cPanel team also announced that currently there is no evidence showing that these vulnerabilities are known publicly. Thus cPanel will not release detailed information about the vulnerabilities yet. cPanel will release additional information about the vulnerabilities when users had enough time to update to the new version.

The following cPanel & WHM versions address all known vulnerabilities:
94.0.18 & Greater
98.0.12 & Greater
100.0.3 & Greater