GNOME 40.4 released

GNOME 40.4, a stable bugfix release for GNOME 40, is now available. All operating systems shipping GNOME 40 are encouraged to upgrade.

Matthias Clasen from the GNOME Release Team launched the release of the GNOME 40.4 update. It is the latest GNOME 40 desktop environment series. GNOME 40.4 is a stable bugfix release for the GNOME 40 series. In addition to bug fixes, there are several improvements to existing functionality for a better GNOME desktop experience.

A stable bugfix release

Epiphany 40.3 web browser uses PDF.js only for GET requests and the AdGuard script to block YouTube ads. It also supports manually checking Adblock filter content type and fixes a UI process CPU usage issue. The GDM (GNOME Display Manager) login screen was updated to version 40.1. This means better support for unlocking GNOME Keyring with the disk password.

GNOME Software graphical package manager has also been updated to improve the search for Flatpak apps and correct the download size for the app’s runtime. In addition, GNOME Shell updated to version 40.4, adding focus indication for switches, fixing a glitch when dragging the window preview in the overview.

Updated GNOME Weather app adds corner radius to the forecast chart and increases the contrast when using dark themes. Furthermore, GNOME Initial Setup 40.4 fixes a critical error on startup that occurred when geoclue was disabled.

You can read the full changelog for more information. To compile the GNOME 40 release themselves, Linux users can use the official BuildStream project snapshot or the source packages.