Serverless Laravel Hosting for Web Artisans

Servers can come under stress because of unexpected web traffic. To handle the problem of scale, companies prefer to get a larger server. However, in this situation, the task of provisioning reveals itself as another issue. To combat all these problems, Laravel offers a serverless solution with Animo cloud.

Unlimited scale and flexibility

Serverless allows scaling your infrastructure, horizontally or vertically, is done at a click of a button, with no downtime! Laravel, an open-source PHP web application framework, has launched serverless hosting for web artisans.

Serverless removes the single point of failure – if your server’s hardware fails, you have very few options, and starting afresh is probably the best. Whereas with serverless, if a piece of hardware breaks, your application is automatically re-provisioned to another healthy server, and any downtime will be minimal.

Scaling made easy with a built-in Load Balancer

With the Animo Platform, a Load Balancer is included for your application, as well as an auto-renewing SSL certificate. Furthermore, this platform aims to resolve this by minimizing the complexity of configuration. At a click of a button, you can provision a Highly Available database such as MySQL by ensuring it is provisioned on three physically different servers. The application could be running on more than one server at any given time. So, it means that your data must be accessible from any server. The Animo Platform solves this with ‘Persisted Folders’. Input the directory you would like shared, and the platform takes care of the rest.