5 Useful Online Tools For Optimizing Your Website

Optimizing your website for best user experience is the first task in SEO. Google loves websites with best user experience and performance. Fixing your website issues is not a big task, it is much easier when you use these online tools. Here is a list of the best free tools that we use very often.

Tips to Optimize your website.

1) W3C Validator

It is an easy-to-use markup validation service to check HTML and XHTML for well-formed markup. Markup validation is important for browser compatibility, site usability, performance etc. From SEO aspect it is good to keep your website without any markup validation errors. So, everytime you update the website, validate your code immeidately.

2) Broken link checker

Broken links can affect your website’s ranking negatively. You must check your website for broken or dead links and fix it immediately. Use this online tool broken link check to check all the broken links in your website for free in minutes.

3) Copyscape

Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker tool which is a free service. This tools checks for similar text or duplicate content in the web for your web pages and lists out all sites that have copied content from your website without your permission. Whenever you feel your rankings are going down, it is worth to check your website for plagiarism using copyscape.

4) Pingdom

Pingdom is a widely used website monitoring service. You can signup with them for a free trial version to check your PageSpeed score and how to improve it. I like their free tool which tests your website loading speed instantly. Use their speed test tool. Simply type in your website address and submit. This tool will tell your website performance score, grade, loading time, number requests etc. You can analyse the performance insights and fix all that is shown in red to improve your website’s performance.

5) Alexa

Alexa is a popular website traffic ranking tool based on the analysis of three months traffic data of the websites. Their traffic data is based on the traffic recorded from the users who installed alexa toolbar in their browsers. By analysing your website in alexa tool, you will know your website’s traffic rank, search traffic, search keyphrases, your direct competitors etc.