Keep your domain name secret

Keep your domain name secret till you register it. Here we are not going to discuss about where to register your domain. Instead, we will be discussing here why you should keep your domain name secret and how other domain companies cheat the customers.

How to choose a domain name

Here, I would like to recall what happened to one of our client last year. The client wanted to register 5 domains of the same name but with different TLDs. So he can use only one domain name and host the website and other domains will forward to the same website. He came to us with the list of domains to register all the domains.

Before coming to our office he checked the availability of the domain names with his existing domain company and all the name were available. But, when we checked here all the domain names which he wanted were already registered. We were shocked to know that all his domains were already registered by that other domain company without even getting the confirmation from him. They called him and told that they have registered all the 5 domains and he should pay Rs.50,000 for these 5 domains. These domains will not cost more than Rs.5000, but few of these domain companies ask for more money for the domains because they know the importance of the domain name.

Not all companies cheat their customers, but such bad companies really exist in this world. There is another thing these web designers do. When they take up a new web design order, first thing they want to do is to transfer the customer’s domain name to their name. They do this for no other reason except that they get renewal amount every year and they can fix the renewal charges according the size of the customer’s company and how much the customer’s company use and need the domain name.