Why Linux is better than Windows?

There are two different web hosting systems available in this world one use Windows Operating system and the other uses Linux Operating system. Many people think they need to get Windows hosting because their desktop computer is Windows. But it is Not so. It’s not that there are no differences between the two. They differ from each other in Security and programming languages. Windows platforms and Linux platforms both can host static HTML file almost identically.

Many people are confused about selecting the suitable operating system to host their website. No matter which platform you select to host your website, there are many things that are common in both platforms. Both servers support HTML, Java script, Front Page extensions, Flash files and CGI scripts. Both servers support POP3, IMAP, SMTP and Web Mail.

Where they differ? – Windows server supports all Microsoft server side scripts such as ASP, ASP.NET, VB Script, PHP for windows is also available. The Linux server support the server side script PHP. The databases supported in Windows server as MS Access, MS SQL and My Sql. The Linux server supports My Sql database.

If you have a static website we suggest you to go for Linux Hosting. In Linux Web hosting you can host your Joomla, WordPress, OsCommerce websites. If you have done your website using the server side scripts ASP or ASP.NET, Crystal Reports then go for Windows Hosting.

There are many advantages of using linux over windows server.

Linux was designed to be used by multiple concurrent users while Windows is based on a single user model. Even the most sophisticated Windows models evolved from the single user prototype. If a virus infects a Windows machine it will go straight to the most important system files that affect the proper functionality of the system as a whole. Whereas, Linux is a clustered system and the virus will only effect the area limited to the cluster affected while all other clusters will function normally. Linux machines patch and upgrade all its systems and programs fast and completely automatically, while Windows does not upgrade programs that are not produced by Microsoft.

Linux is a worry-free system and secure hosting platform as well. Linux is open source and involves lower costs than Windows. Unlike Windows OS and the applications are free. Whereas, Windows web hosting usually costs more than Linux web hosting. Sometimes by a lot. Windows is currently much less popular than Linux. There are only a few hosting companies which offer windows hosting, so it can be difficult to find a Windows web hosting system with the exact features that you need.

With a Linux based website, the page can be transformed into a Windows-based website at any time of your choosing. Whatever need arises for the user, Linux-based websites can adapt and be changed to meet those needs.

All of these factors showcase that Linux hosting is the most economical choice when choosing a hosting service, both for the owner of the site and for the consumer. Using Linux can significantly reduce costs in any budget. Also, if needed, Linux can accommodate scripting in MySQL, PHP with Perl, and other languages.

With Linux you never have to pay for any program. Windows requires you to pay even for updates. Linux is not made solely by one company it is a joint effort therefore it will continue to advance faster than Windows because there are more developers involved and there is no corporate meddling to slow down the process.

Linux handles easier with system crashes. For example, in Windows if the OS crashes you often need to reinstall Windows all together all data is lost. Linux might require OS reinstalling, but all the users preferences and benefits are kept unless it is a hard drive failure.

Windows vs. Linux Hosting. Who is the winner? That is up to you. If you need to use ASP or .NET then you need to use a Windows web hosting platform. Otherwise, you should be fine with the more popular and cheaper web hosting platform: Linux.